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Our Specialties

Tapas Platters

Spanish Tapas Selection

Serrano Ham, Salchichon Salami, Pitted Olive Mixed, Iberico Cheese, Chorizo Salami

Spanish Party Combo Platter

Serrano Ham, Chorizo Pamplona Salami, Chorizo Iberico Salami, Pitted Olive Mixed, Iberico Cheese, Fuet

Tapas I

Serano Ham, Chorizo Salami, Salchichon Salami

Tapa 2

Tapas II

Serano Ham, Iberico Cheese, Mixed Olives

spanish cheese selection

Spanish Cheese Selection

Manchego DOP Cheese, Iberico Cheese, Goat Cheese, Smoked Cheese

Tapas are an essential part of any Spanish diet. Traditionally served before a meal . Our Tapas Platters, with premium cured meat products, specialty cheeses and complementary food products, shares this heritage for quality, and we are proud to introduce them to you as the latest addition to our growing line of premium food products.